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Current version: 2023.2024.2
Download size: 3.30 Mb
SHA-256 hash: DA4E9F3B4C8F8A04FC2198DA31BAF45F18B2BD7AA07272EE33966151D6F99B9D

ATTENTION: When the installation program starts, 'Windows Defender SmartScreen' may alert you that the ScoreSheet installation file is unknown and that it may be a risk to your computer. Click on 'More information', and then on the button "Run anyway." For the sake of clarity: ScoreSheet does not pose any risk to your computer, but Windows shows this notification whenever an application has not been digitally signed by its publisher. Such a digital signature costs 300 euros per year, so you probably understand why ScoreSheet has no signature 😉

ScoreSheet requires Windows 7 or higher and .NET Framework 4.8 or higher. This framework should already be installed on your computer if it is up to date. If the framework is not yet installed, you can download and install it manually